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Wobble Grid moodboard

Rousham moodboard

Rose Garden moodboard

Ribbon Bouquet moodboard

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Furniture details at the Rubelli Casa Booth

Zanaboni Edizioni




Roberto Giovannini

Quinti Sedute






Andrea Bonini

Virtual tour of Rubelli Casa Booth at Salone del Mobile

A walk on the booth and a closer look at all the key pieces of designed by Matteo Nunziati, such as Yak Sofa, Sinua Coffee Table and Consolle, Dedalo Sofa, Velour Tub Chair and Gio Chair.

Return to Arcadia on display at Rubelli Showroom

The new textiles designed by Luke Edward Hall come to life through an immersive textile installation.

Collaborations and partnerships – The full list

Discover where to find Rubelli during the Milano Design Week, 7-12 June 2022

Casa Zanotta

Inside the historical building, now Zanotta House Milano, on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2022, the Experience Room has been inaugurated.

Rubelli Casa – A gallery of the 2022 collection

Luke Edward Hall backstage

“I am particularly proud of the fact that each of the designs started with drawings”

Peter Marino interview

The multi-coloured vases created by Dalpayrat impress Peter Marino with the mix of colours in the glazes, but also with their modernity.

Rubelli Casa 2022

In the 2022 collection for Rubelli Casa the classical stylistic elements, taken from tradition, become rational and contemporary.

“Second Firing” by Peter Marino

A textile capsule collection conceived by multifaceted creativity of the well-known American architect Peter Marino.

“Return to Arcadia” by Luke Edward Hall

“When I am designing a room, one of the most crucial elements is the mix of fabrics, and this idea was the starting point for my collection with Rubelli.”