When I am designing a room, one of the most crucial elements is the mix of fabrics, and this idea was the starting point for my collection with Rubelli. My favourite kinds of fabrics make up the collection: stripes and florals, geometrics, small patterns and big patterns. My inspiration for the designs came from my garden in the English countryside, and my love for Ancient Greek and Roman art and architecture shines through: lyres, temples, statues and classical faces appear amongst the flowers, leaves and stars. Colour is key in my entire output, and my favourite hues are splashed across this range: dusty violet, olive green, mustard and pale pink, emerald, sky blue and burnt orange… I am particularly proud of the fact that each of the designs started with drawings – even the stripes were hand drawn by me before being made into digital patterns. The result is a collection with a very handmade feeling, full of character and joy.

Luke Edward Hall