A textile capsule collection conceived by multifaceted creativity of the well-known American architect Peter Marino.

After Peter Marino for Venetian Heritage, the three silk jacquards inspired by the water of Venice, it is now the turn of Second Firing, a collection of ten fabrics whose name refers to the firing of ceramics in the kiln.

Peter Marino’s muse was his collection of ceramics by Pierre-Adrien Dalpayrat, a French artist/ceramist from the late 19th century, known for his innovative glazes and in particular for having invented an ox-blood red glaze, named after him – the “rouge Dalpayrat”. The multi-coloured vases created by Dalpayrat impress Peter Marino with the mix of colours in the glazes, but also with their modernity.

He commented on the artist’s work:

The abstractions of his shapes and intermixed glazes look modern even today

In the Second Firing collection, it is as if Peter Marino were retracing the creative process of the ceramic artist by acting as an alchemist and transferring the flamed finishes and textural effect of Dalpayrat’s vases onto the fabric – the alchemy of the furnace repeated on the loom.

The magic of the furnace is in fact counterpointed by the magic of weaving, which comes from the complex intersecting of warp and weft threads and which in Second Firing gives life to an explosive colour mix. Peter Marino describes it as “dazzling chromatic waterfalls” in a comment on Dalpayrat ceramics.

The ten fabrics in the new capsule collection are unique of their kind. Suitable for decoration and upholstery, they are made from eco-nylon in the warp and cotton in the weft. To highlight the shiny effect of the ceramic glazes, metallic weaves have also been added in some variants.